Daan Sweeris


Daan is a real family man who likes to enjoy life. Daan is a social person and he especially enjoys cooking with family and friends outside at a campfire or with the help of the Fire & Grill Barrow or with the Barrow Smoker. Good food and drinks and lots of fun.Daan has earned his spurs in sales in various sectors and in different roles. Daan is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. Furthermore, he has a large amount of creativity and he is in possession of great innovative capacity, he is strong in networking and is able to convey his enthusiasm to others.Daan is co-founder of the barrow cooker and is responsible for sales and new business and PR, business partners, innovation and R & D and product development.

Ben van Lom


In addition to being a father, Ben is also an entrepreneur, organization consultant, handyman, gardener, car mechanic and furniture maker / restorer. Extensive cooking with nice meat and poultry is one of his hobbies. He likes to do this over a campfire or on the Barrow Smoker or on the Fire & Grill Barrow.Ben works as an independent management consultant and is a result-oriented entrepreneur with a focus on achieving long term goals.Ben is co-founder of Barrow Cooker and is responsible for business development, marketing and innovation, R & D and product development. He is also adept at designing and manufacturing the technical and functional aspects of Barrow Cooker products.

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