barrow cooker; The Barrow Smoker


The Barrow Cooker Company is proud to present THE BARROW SMOKER. Next to it's roughed en industrial design look, the Barrow Smoker is a unique and versitale barbeque product. Smoking and grilling at a semi-professional level made affordable, completley mobile, compact and suitable for preparing foods for smaller and large groups of people.
The Barrow Smoker is eguiped with a high grade themomether and has several options to control and regulate the airflow and core temperatures. Each Barrow Smoker has a handmade coalbox and a hand made smoking lid out of 2 mm thick steel. The Barrow Smoker is made of industrial steel and powder coated in the standard Barrow Cooker color black. Other colors are possible in consultation. The Barrow Smoker is equipped with a double leak-free wheel and an extra thick steel inner box. Due to limited heat transfer, the exterior of the Barrow Smoker doesn't become scolding hot after and during use and is safe for children's hands, even after prolonged use when smoking large meatproducts. The Barrow Smoker is sturdy and safe thanks to the double and leak-proof tires. The Barrow Smoker is a unique BBQ suitable for the business and private user.
In consultation and at extra cost the Barrow Smoker can be adjusted with, for example, another type of wooden plank or your company logo can be burned on the wooden shelf.Colors can also be adjusted and the Barrow Smoker can be provided with your own brand name or slogan, see more info page, custum branding the barrow cooker.

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